Community Coding: The New vvvv Standard Shader


oh wow i totally forgot you can set that up in renderer


Amazin contribution
I love the idea of the Dynamic Ligths, I think this should be implemented in SuperPhisical also, its super handy
This will be my default render from now on :D


This is awesome. It works on my old laptop with just the built-in Intel HD 4000 at 50fps! Thanks so much folks!

Edit: With vsync off, it’s 92fps!


so we have a few contestants, how are we going to rate them? from the initial post:

i’d also add compatibility to substance designer to the list, as it seems to be some sort of industry standard from what i hear.

so how about starting with a demo scene (no pun intended), that can be used to compare looks. it has to include a defined set of geometries, defined set of lights and combinations of surface parameters like color, metal, roughness, … similar to the GGX help patch i guess. the scene should be created twice, once for single value input and once for surface texture input.

anyone up for it?

once we have that we find the sweet spot between output quality, performamnce and as less as possible shading features and then get the click count for creation down to the one of PhongDirectional, modules are allowed.


Great idea, for the demo scene (no pun here either) I have the quixel helmet which I still have to convert but I can share the raw content, or I also have a roughmetalized sponza set. Also there’s the san miguel scene which is more demanding, and some other stuff here:


@flux How can I make a transparent object using your shader? like this How to make 3D sphere transparent like bubble


so no contestants since february.

any objections to aprehending the shader of @flux into vvvv?


Im using @flux shader since he uploaded to the forum
I love how it can continue the old Phong logic, and the PBR materials in a super simple light way.
In combination with KinoBokeh and HBAO its looks awesome


this topic seems to go somewhere… very good. i’ll have a closer look at the specifics soon.


GGX from @flux looks amazing and is so smooth to work with! Love it. Thanks for sharing!
Really weird it is still burried here in the forum.


still on the list to include it… @flux also has to agree that we share his work in the download.


+1 for uploading @flux version to the contributions OR even include to the addonpack. good job!