Communication with Processing programming Language

I was wondering if anyone has successfully passed information between Processing and V4?

I’m looking for a way to pass integers from a processing app to a v4 patch consistently. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

hei did you see? software#processing

There aren’t any actual examples of use with processing in the directories they point you to unfortunately.

I guess my question might be more on the Processing end, because the nodes are fairly straightforward, but I’m absolutely clueless about UDP, the helpatches and examples assume a lot of knowledge. So I dont know how to setup the other end to send data to vvvv.

I was hoping if someone here has gotten the two to talk nicely, they could give me pointers on setting up vvvv, setting up Processing.

Hello OtterFamily,

this is a small example of the vvvv <> processing communication.
The data goes back and forth as OSC messages.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Anton (5.9 kB)