Communication between 2 (or more) PCs

Hey guys, what’s the best way to exchange data between two or more computer (all running VVVV)? Actually I’m planning to use OSC (all the computer are connected to the same router). There is a better way?

Boygrouping ?

problem is, I need kinect with openNI drivers. On the “client” PC this drivers are working, but not on “server”.
On server computer I can only let the Microsoft driver works.
Can this be a problem?

ok I solved that problem, I have the same driver installed in both the computer, even if in the server they doesn’t work, they work only in the client

Problem is that (I quote from the documentation) “It is not possible to retrieve values from the clients.”
so I still need a way to send the value from client to server!
I tryed Netsend (Network Value) but seems that I cannot send more than 1500 values… it depends on my router, or it is a limit of the protocol?

Try setting Protocol to TCP (1 IIRC). Have a look here: boygrouping-basics#warnings.
That info should also apply to Nestsend.