Comments on website usability

Hey All

I want to start a discussion for constructive criticism of the vvvv website usability (not visual design).
I include in that the download and to some degree the installation of vvvv.

I realise there is this thread:

But it’s old and seems dead.

There are two things that reeeally annoy me:

  1. When I go to the download page, it is really confusing. There are four things to download: vvvv and addonpack, in 64 and 32 bit. Then after the download, I have to download even more dependencies. Why not have a download where vvvv and the addonpack is included? And if we are at that, why not have an installer that will, if you don’t customize the setup, will download the right 64/32 version for your system? Then there could be one big DOWNLOAD button on the download page. Plus, every second person I see installing vvvv for the first time tries to put the addonpack ontop of the vvvv folder, instead of in it separately - because the folders inside are so similar, they think you need to ‘add’ the addonpack folder to the vvvv folder. The installer would of course (if you don’t click on custom setup) install all dependencies. That makes 100 clicks and annoyances to 2 clicks and no annoyances.

  2. smaller, but also annoying for me: if I look at a contribution, I think the comments should be sorted downwards in time, not upwards. I want to see the most recent comments, not the ones from 2011.

If you’ve got any other ones, please write them here!

I realize this is just before NODE when everybody is in stress, but I would forget so I’m leaving this here.

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