Comment box withtransparent background

would be extreme helpful for commenting in horrible large complex monster patch projects.
a feature not for me, but for the poor folks who have to
dig into my patches lateron.

hmm … the suggestion of a transparent comment box sounds great and useful at first sight … but:

If a transparent comment box lies above an other node (because added later) you would not be able to select this (still visible) node.

Thinking about transparent comment boxes also/alternatively thinking about gui functions like “send to front”, “send forward”, “send backward”, “send to back” might even be more usefull !?

Another similar “all time favourite wishlist item” of mine is to be able to group/ungroup nodes … would make patching much more comfortable in my eyes … like working in a CAD program …


markus, of course you are right.

if only commentboxes per default were “sent to back” i would be confident…

hehe vvvv is already like CAD… i had (on several occasions) people commenting “wtf, you’re making visuals with AutoCAD??” :-)

@kalle: transparent comments are not possible with vvvvs current patch-drawing framework. that would of course be the default.