Come join Midweek Patch Therapy

Are you a beginner struggling to wrap your head around vvvv gamma?

Are you an artist and unsure how to turn your ideas into reality?

Are you in the middle of something looking for directions?

Are you a pro seeking to share your knowledge?

Come and join Midweek Patch Therapy.

Hosted by me and you.

Every Wednesday for ~two hours, starting at 5:30 PM Central European Time.


Highlights available on YouTube


Hey, that’s a nice idea! However, the time conflicts with the webinars we currently make. It should probably be happening on a day when there is no webinar…

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Hi, a little reminder :) Starting tonight at 20:30, get your problematic patches ready!

Thanks a lot to everyone who came!

Here’s a quick summary of what we went through during the session. Some extra notes can be shown by clicking on each card.

Hope to see you next week!


Cut out a few parts that I think may be useful for the wider community, enjoy


A little reminder! Hope to see you today 🤞 Starting at 17:30

Another batch of highlights available!

Head over to the YouTube channel for an overview of everything, categorised into playlists by topic.

Therapy tonight!

Looking forward to seeing you this evening!

Btw hope you’re finding the Settings Manager that came from last session useful.

Here’s a few tips from one of the previous sessions regarding advanced debugging with visual studio

Hope to see you in the session this evening!

Meeting again this evening at 17:30 CET, this time we’ll focus a bit more on light control and the newly released vvvv gamma built Schéma, looking forward!


New excerpts available, expect more to come over the course of the week.

This one deals with creating Data Types in vvvv gamma and the difference between mutable and immutable.

And this one with the two key parts of a VL document - Application and Definitions


thank You very much! these tutorials are very helpful.

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Thanks, you’re very much welcome!
And a huge thanks to the participants that keep bringing up these questions and topics.

Hope to see you later today 😊

Did you know it’s possible to create dynamic pins in vvvv gamma?

Do you know or are curious about something else? Come join us today 😊


I’d like to discuss two topics tomorrow:

1️⃣ 🛠 Firstly, since a number of interesting timeline/sequence programs have popped up in the shoutbox lately, I’d like to take a review of these tools in general.

What are you using in your practice or found interesting lately? Are you using any HW based sequencers? Which concepts from the tools do you find most interesting? Is there something you’d like to achieve and just can’t figure it out?

I suggest we take a look at Ossia, Chataigne but also more esoteric stuff like IanniX, ORCA.
And I encourage you to share your experiences using other tools, be that Tilda, Kairos, Blender, TouchDesigner, Notch, Vezér or others.

2️⃣ 🤓 Secondly, on a geekier level I’d like to bring some attention to the VL Language design github repo. This is where the devvvvs recently started to share language design discussions.

Let’s take a look at the proposals and what we think of them.
We can also use this opportunity to reflect if there aren’t some extra ideas in the back of our heads that should be there.

And as always, feel free to bring your own topics and issues.

Hope to see you on Wednesday 24.6. at 17:30!

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Hi, another Midweek Patch Therapy session coming up today:

We’ll be continuing with the Sequencers/Timelines topic.
We should have catweasel and maybe lasal talking a bit about their sequencing tools for which I’m quite excited.
And there’s certainly a lot more to discuss in this area still.

We also plan to touch on the VL Language proposals available on github.

And as always, if you have something you’re currently working on and could use some pointers, bring that as well. Ideally in the beginning of the session.

Hope to see you at 17:30!

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Given that the current Editing Framework is extremely outdated and inflexible, we want to put together resources and ideas that will inform a new one. One made with modularity and the current VL language and ecosystem in mind.

So we’re asking everyone to collect their favorites from this space - examples from software that gets editing right (vertices, bezier, camera, etc. gizmos, shortcuts, etc.) and think of what kind of use cases do they have for an editing framework.

So what’s your favorite editing UIs?

Feel free to offload them onto this Pinterest board:

(editing access will be granted on request)

We will use these to kickstart our discussion on the new VL Editing Framework this Wednesday.

Looking forward!

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In case you missed it, VL.Stride is now even closer to a public release. Curious about its current state and want to find out how it feels to use it?

Join this Wednesday and explore VL.Stride together!

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