Combining primitives in vvvv


Is it possible to combine 2 or more primitives, so that a single texture spans across all of them?

For example, in the attached patch, can I have a single texture which applies to all of the 12 quads, so that the top-left quad shows the top-left of the texture and the bottom right quad shows the bottom-right of the texture. And all the quads in between show the parts of the texture relative to their position?


The patch i’m using (5.1 kB)

I can t open your patch right now but you should be able to do that with the texture transform pin (for quads) or with texture coordinates in case of 3D primitives. You can reuse the transformation coordinates with theproper calculation to position the texture.
Hope it helps

simone is basically right.

i recommend you to look closely to the transform.v4p patch in the Girlpower folder. it explains quite well about transformation hierarchies.

i had a look at your patch and i suggest you to split up the Transform 3d into separate Translate, Scale, Rotate nodes

Great advice, thankyou both. I assume this is what you mean (see the attached file). I’ve yet to work out a decent way of extrapolating the texture translation values from the Quad transformation values, so for now i’m inputting them manually.

I think I’ll have to design a grid that only rotates in one dimension in order to maintain a consistent looking overall image.


The updated patch (176.7 kB)