Combine GDI with DX9


it is possible to combine a gdi node with a dx9 node towards one render.

the GDITexture node allows you to use the content of a GDI renderer as a texture.

apart from that GDI and DX9/EX9 are two different worlds. GDI is basically a historical thing for compatibility on very old machines. unfortunately there are still some things possible in the GDI renderer which you cant currently do in EX9…

what i like to is,
combine buttons with a video layer one on top of the other.
but at the moment i had working buttons and a backrounf-video, but i cant combine both things in on plain.

how do you draw your buttons currently in the gdi? it should be possible to do something really similar in dx9?

thanks for your support,

i try it with your suggestion and build the buttons with dx9 parts.