Seems like the ColorTracker outputs do not correspond to the ThreshImage shown by the plug-in.
Is this a bug or do I need additional adjustments to generate an exact overlay using a quad?

hmm…i just extended the colortracker helppatch to show its results overlayed to the video and to me it looks fine with a kinda one frame delay. check attached.

ColorTracker help.v4p (35.9 kB)

Well, I found out that ColorTracker does not actually output the bounding box but the tracked shape itself. Still I don’t get it to fit properly.
Here’s my test-patch:

ColorTracker help test.v4p (18.8 kB)

look at my patch: don’t scale the quad with the videotexture on it, but zoom in on the renderer!

output of the colortracker is the range of -0.5…0.5

Ah! Sorry, I didn’t notice that.
Thanx! Works great now - except for that one frame delay. So what is the easiest way to delay the video stream by one frame? Queue?

supa. and jep, why not queue…

is it possible to track more than one color at the same time an get the x,y w, h values from each object?
I’m using a Dv cam input and I’m trying to connect the videoIn to different ColorTrackers on the same patch but it’s not possible. any tips that can help me?

on ColorTracker node can track more than one color at the same time. please see its extensive helpfile and ask a more specific question if one is left.

one videoin can only be connected to one other video node. that is right so.

My question wasn’t very clear, sorry.
But in the meanwhile I’ve found what I wanted to do. I was trying to use 2 ColorTracker modules connected separately whith the same VideoIn (DV camera) and not in cascade. So I wanted to track various objects with different colors and get their properties at the same time.
Now I know it’s possible connecting ColorTrackers one to another through it’s video output.
Thanks for attention,

still this sounds to me as if you could use only one ColorTracker node and detect multiple colors with it at the same time (as illustrated in the helppatch). there should be no need to chain colortrackernodes…

so in that case how can I get the (x,y,w,h,angle) values from the yellow and red spheres at the same time?

select the colortracker and press F1.