Colortracker or camshift tracker?

I am just beginning vvvv and I am very confused. The idea that I have in mind is to track certain colors from a video input. Once a certain color is detected, it will create a shape of some sort, then when the color moves, the shape will move with it. I also want to have it copy and paste itself, so it seems as if you are painting. I am not sure which of the trackers to use, and then how to even go about using them. I have read the material, but I am sooooo confused. Please help!

have you read through this
@marc_s page? Also have a look at the colortrackers helppatch (press F1) it should exactly do what you are looking for.

I was the one who asked this question. Thank you very much for the feedback. Now I am having trouble having the image appear over the color. It is not showing and I tried everything I could think of. Please help

An example for mapping an image to a tracked color region can be viewed in the camshifttracker helpfile from vvvversion 33.beta9.10. When using the group node, connect the video (to be displayed on the color region) to the rightmost pin to get it to the topmost video layer. Otherwise will only see the live video.

Thank you both for helping me out…I am sure to get it this time.

Now I am having trouble again! When the image appears, it is only a white box. Why is that? Also, is there a way to track multiple colors at the same time?