ColorTracker frequently causes v4 to seize solid [33beta12]

Fiddling around with the ColorTracker node in the current 33beta12 release frequently results in solid crashes.

vvvvery annoying :/

confirmed. we do have some known problems here that need some investigation…

if you have any cases to reproduce a crash please share them.

here is one: set the Enabled pin of the tracker to 1, save the patch and reopen. crash.

i have fixed the bug i mentioned above. please get the fixed version from the freeframecolortracker page and report back if this eases your pain.

the crashes happened while figuring out/adapting it’s help patch. replacing the input side with a videoin node, fed by an external usb capture cable (720x576 PAL D) + s-video and ending up with videoout.

i can not invoke this crash by the help of a given recipe, only by experimenting along this patch. maybe it’s just the macbook pro and a handful of odd drivers?

you’re not mentioning that you have tried it with the newly fixed version. have you?