Colored connections?

Colored connections could help with messy patches, maybe an auto colorin gfunction depending on the kind of connection…

clean patching helps more…

i like using CTRL-H for hiding links/nodes that are not important for understanding the patch.

although i would like to have a visual feedback if a link is working between 2 different frames.

in virtools you have a value beside every line. (you can also hide this value) with this value you can set the framedelay for every line…

Image1.png (5.0 kB)

as i said in the older post, I agree with io: colored connections and also nodes would help sooo much with patches organization.look at MaxMSP…
it’s physiological: our brain better recognises color patterns then gray patterns. Our world is a colored world.
i really can’t see the point to not allow users to choose colors. it’s an esthetic decision? or just a technical problem?
thinking about the interface development, for me this would be the highest priority.

What Kalle says is also true “clean patching helps more…”, but that doesn t mean that some color won t help.
I have myself just recently started to clean up nicely my patches.
Generally I am not looking for a GUI and I like the idea of keeping the basic structure as it is. Just some extra features to help navigating in bigger patches, especially after months you don t use them.