Color tracking within vvvv

Hey geeks, wassup?
I have a video stream and I need to keep track of that guy with the red hat.
I read all the posts concearning the work with EyesWeb and the Freeframe stuff
on how to write a plugin myself.

All I want to achieve is that I want the x and y of that red hat. Is there a way just using VVVV to get that done ?

The posts about using EyesWeb are already a little bit outdated. Has anyone
experience here with Beta8 and EyesWeb?
And which EyesWeb would be the one of my choice? Beta or 3.2.0 ?
Cheers Jannis

hi Jannis,

your lowrider is vvvvery cool,

did you ever try something with pipet (ex9.texture) ??

Hi Kalle, thanks for the compliment on that little car.
Sure I am aware of that little pipet node, yet I didn’t achieve to do a nice tracking with it. If I get it right the pipet tells me what color a certain pixel has.
So good so far…but how can I keep track of the color instead of the pipet just telling me what color passes through at it’s input x,y ?

your question inspired me to a module which was easily patched and can be downloaded here:
download = (Color).zip

a helpfile is included.

follow the instructions in the readme.txt, look up that helpfile and scroll down:
a hint how to get the index/indices is hidden down there.

how to get coordinates from index/indices?
thats what you have to figure out… :-)

Thanks for your support Kalle !
I’ll play with it tomorrow…
Cheers Jannis

hi jannis

ive done a something like a colortracker quite some time ago.
this is one of my first patches and some things could be better. but it illustrates how to get coordinates out of indices using cross and gridsplit.

you can dowload it in the old vvvvorums. here is the link:

like it is now, it only tracks the brightest pixels but this can be can be easily changed by replacing “HLS” “SORT” and “CDR” with my attached GetIndex (Color) module…

note that it is not real object tracking it only returns coordinates of a certain color(Range), but maybe its of some use for you…
the" pipet" node can become pretty slow if you raise the spreadssize of its x,y coordinates…

cheers ele

Pretty cool Ele !!!
And I learned some new nodes, too !
Thanks a million

The last thank you post was mine Ele, just forgot to log in…
Muchas gracias