Color tracker - x y output of each color not working

Hi, I am trying to move text with color tracker (one text/number for one color) but the “view object no.” selector is affecting all colors. I am trying to achive this: When I track blue color I want to move with “text 1”, when I track red one, I want to move with “text 2” etc. and when I track all 4 colors each number should move by own color… I am totaly new in vvvv, please help…

see the “view object no.” (32.7 kB)

You have four colours to track, resulting in four x coords, four y coords and four angles. So if you need only three objects on screen, feed color tracker with only three colors.
Said that look at the attached patch.
And also give a look at THE TUTORIAL, you should be done in no more than an hour, and you’ll know everything you need to start patching like a boss.

tracking_colors_mod.v4p (31.0 kB)