Color limiter

i was interested if someone of you guys saw a module in vvv, workin exactly like a limiter in an audio world, but with color.

what i need is a module that can stop feedback textures to oversaturate, and become white.

any suggestions?

this link does nothing, maybe try to post this module again?

oh. … no text …

limiter.v4p (4.4 kB)

again doesnt work … just a blank screen when i press tha link

i checked another threads to try to open files there - works perfect, only with this thread i have a problem

(the link works fine for me)

maybe a screenshot will help you…

limiterscreenshot.png (7.0 kB)

The Gamma node could also put into good use here

principally i´d rather Pipet some random pixels out of the resulting texture and tweak the feedback parameters if these pixels are all to white or all to black.

thanx - screenshot did help