Color Input on Switch not getting spreaded -- Bug*

Please have a look at the patch.
Trying to put through a switch a spread of colors but instead it only outputs the first one.

Any way to get it output the full spread as it the input?

SwitchSpreadColor.v4p (10.4 kB)

you are using switch color output
you need to use switch color input, thats why

But in case you want to use a switch output??
The slices of the spread are not preserved through the switch output…

If you mouseover on the input pin it seems not spreadable…
…but the output contains the same slice number of the original spread…

Dev knows!

Value is output too.

I need more than one output. Color input provides just one no?

I do not know which of the 2 nodes react correctly, but having a colour and a value version of the same type of node, they should manifest the same behaviour.

Here is an idiot work around… but I call this a bug.

SwitchSpreadColor2.v4p (18.6 kB)

color iobox -> hsl split -> vector join -> you switch -> vector split hsl join -> done

or… use getslice color insted of switch so you can chose hoy many outputs colors you need

Thanks West and vjc4 for ur workarounds.

Will change the title to bug to get the attention of the developers as I dont see a reason for using 5 nodes instead of 1.

sry, thx & fxd