Color blend text

hallo, i hope you can help me. my aim is, that the text color is changing an is blended. but the problem is that i can´t connect the blend-node with the color. i added a screenshot of my patch maybe it helps to solve my problem. thank you very much, yulia

color_blend.jpg (51.4 kB)

This has been requested in the wishlist, might help if you cast another vote ;) (so we all have it in the next release)

oh noooo :( is there no solution that this could work, that the text is a texture of a quad or anything else? but of course i will vote for that at the wishlist…

I think you can just put your texture on an other Quad, and group it with the text node, white text and quad with texture on top, and than set the Blend mode of the textured quad to Multiply. Just a messy solution (messy with transforming), or perhaps use your text as a Matte with a shader.

@west: thank you for the tips, can you give me a hint, how the thing with the Matte and shader is working? with which nodes i have to work with? thank you very very much :)