Collision detection between a circle and a quad (urgent!)


for an tracked pong game installation on this friday !! i need some urgent help.

i patched a little pong game with help of ode. now ode dont give any collision events i have to patch them for myself.

the problem i now the collision between the ball and the paddles. my paddles can have any size, any position and any rotation. now how can i detect a collision between two areas? in this case its a circle and a rotated quad…

the intersect nodes just work for an area and a point…

any ideas?

have you inserted the block world (ODE)?
also without connecting it to nothing.

have you inserted the block world (ODE)?

yes, the physics works!

but i do need additional collision events for the sounds and additional animations that should happen on collisions between the ball and the paddles…

I am a new of the objects ODE, I had not understood well the question (I am Italian).
unfortunately I cannot help you.
but I ask you a favor, you could send me the patch I wanted to also realize me something similar, but they are not to a good level yet.

yes sure… i post it when im back home. you need to install tonfilms ode modules…

no one have any tricks for me?

@paolopix: sorry for the delay…
you have to start pong.v4p
and as said before install all ode modules made by tonfilm. (630.4 kB)

If all fails, just try and use intersect on a circulairspread with the same width as your ball.

Remember the tabulamaps thread. Look for Tonfilms intersect experiment getslice.v4p.

compliments for the beautiful job of the pong game,
and thanks thousand to have sends me him.
unfortunately I don’t know you to help for your problem.
but I study there above.

Yeh, played it, nice done :)
Always fun playing pong against my self.

@Paolopix, check the girlpower PATTERNPONG for more pong.

@West, thanks for the indication, I had the patch of the pong game under the eyes and I didn’t know it.