Collada Wont Load

00:01:31 * : couldn’t find/create node :PLUGINS:\ColladaLoader.dll|VVVV.Nodes.PluginColladaLoader (ID: 36) in patch C:\vvvv_40beta21\plugins\Mesh (EX9.Geometry Collada) help.v4p. deleting action.

Got slim dx, other plugins seem ok…
Any ideas of what I can do to get it work?


hei cat,

strange, works here.
have you checked the standards?

  • the following two .dlls are in the \plugins directory:
  • you starting the correct vvvv.exe? beta21, i.e. the one that has the above mentioned .dlls in its \plugin dir?
  • what happens if you dragdrop ColladaLoader.dll onto a patch?

Ahh! I seem to have overlooked the colladaslimDX.dll
All is fine now Thanks Joreg!


ok, i am hijacking this thread since i have the same problem.

i have tried re-installing the collada plugins from the addon pack, and also re-installing slimdx. renderer (tty) does not show anything when i load the mesh (collada) help file, but the astroboy model does not load. however, i do get “00:08:24 ERR : Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. while Deleting Node of Type ? (?)” when i close the help patch.

what’s weird is that it used to work just fine, and i can’t think of anything i could’ve done to break it :[