Collada vs x files

Hey guys:
I would like to know your opinion in terms of performance: we have this project where we are loading really heavy models. We ran a test this morning where x files loaded faster than collada files but seemed to be worse in terms of transformations. What would be advisable, to use collada or x files?


you can easily use both

hey!, thanks for the answer!
is there any criteria performance wise?

never made really performances comparison, but i prefer generally to use collada because of the more complex things you can do (for example animations).
about performances i don’t know what format is better, but xfile and collada too are textfiles that describes the mesh and other things, so probably the parsing of an xfile can be more efficient, because the xfile is simplest (it don’t have animations and other things that collada has).
so if you only need the mesh, probably is better the xfile.
anyway the best thing to do is some experimenting loading big files in the 2 formats (i’m interested to know the results then ;)))

i feel that it’s more simple with xfile. at least for me

Hey guys!
thanks for the answers. yeah, i always thought that x files would be easier to handle but yesterday, while running some tests at the studio, me and a friend had the impression collada files take longer to load but work better with matrix transformations, in particular translations. Maybe it was just an impression…

i do prefer xfiles as they can be loaded very fast when supplied in the compressed format. collada comes with lots of stuff i dont need.

i don’t think xfiles have problems with transformations, do you have an example ?

we were trying the same geometry but with collada and xfiles. But i guess it also depends on the hardware: we tried on a desktop with an ATI card and on my MBP with nvidia. I will keep posted as we move forward with this project.
Thanks everybody for the feedback!