Collada Transform Issues - Collada Spreading

Hi there,

I am importing Collada Meshes with animation which work fine when loaded as can be seen in RFIDSpinMesh.
However, If I try a translation the animated meshes start and finsih in the correct position but pass through the orginal animated places. This can be seen in RFIDSpinMeshTranslated.

I have tryed moving the centres on the 3DTransform node but then the meshes don’t move at all.

Any body any ides how I can move all the meshes and animation paths as well.


RFID Spin Mesh.rar (162.8 kB)

Also if you spread the translation it looks like the animation is happensaround the global centre.

Is there any way to make the animation local so it spins round the mesh?

RFIDSpinMeshTranslatedSpread.v4p (9.6 kB)

We have fixed the issue after reding the TransformationHeirarchy Turtorial by Kalle on the User Module page.

Check out the example, all to do with Bin sizes.

RFIDLogoFixed.rar (160.3 kB)

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