Collada texturetranslation problem


i managed to get a nice texturemapped collada file from blender. the xfile dindn’t work for me.

it’s working nicely except that the texture translate transformation won’t work. scale and rotation works fine.

really weird problems. tried 2.49 and 2.54 blender export.

that’s it, i attach the .dae file. (131.0 kB)

hey levi,

nice model! if i understand you correctly you want to move the texture over the model by using texture transform-node? works for me. which shader are you trying it with?

hey frost,

thanks for checking it out.

only the translation for the texture transform doesn’t work for drawfixed and flatdirectional. does it work for u?
works with the other shaders though. must be something i’m missing.

wanted to use the samplerstate pin on drawfixed to crop my texture.
i’ll try to workaround it.


@frost: it’s a behaviour of some fixed function shaders.