Collada Texture Issue

Hey guys,

I’m trying to load a 3D model into VVVV. I’ve tried with the X.file but I couldn’t see the texture, then I tried with collada but again just a black mesh.

I have the texture(UV map) as a jpeg but it doesn’t pick it up. Or if it picks it up is like this:

If I give it a plain texture (grey color for example) it’s ok.

Any advices on how I can have the texture on to the model?

I have uploaded the model and the assets.

seems like the UV layout of your mesh is quite off … what I get doesn’t have anything to do with how your diffuse map is laid out.

Aye, you can look at this from another point of view, which is, that portions of texture are scrambled.
Probably in your case reassembling the texture would be the fastest step (taking those semi-arches, for example, from where they are and moving\rotating\scaling them), although you have a pretty messy number of single polygons in your UVMap.
And all in all, I think this is must do step anyway.

Not so simple, not at all.

Well, moreover: what is it? Is really fascinating; also, if you’re not in a hurry, I’d be glad to help reconstructing this.

Nevermind, I’m on it.

Thanks for the replies guys!! I was wondering if it was the texture or the actual mesh that had the issue…So it was the UV map… I didn’t do the model…Basically the model came out from a pointcloud (3D scan) and they provided it to me in an obj form and the UV map as a JPEG…

@h99 is a Church that has been granted World Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO. This is the Narthex (I think). So I need to reassemble the texture…1. take the JPEG cut every piece to be seperate and use like homography to apply it on the model? That could work? Or it’s a bad solution?

I’m rebuilding the texture; it’s fun! Well, at least for me.

Anyway: can you tell me if what you see on the outside is correctly mapped? Or what you see outside now, it should instead be inside?

Do you have any link to the actual building? The narthex should be an architectonic element of a church, not the church itself (and immho, this is a church, and not a narthex).

Please please please: tell me the correct name of this wonderful building; I need to see it with my eyes.

I’m glad you are so into this!!

you can see the church here

there is a video, info and pictures…I will have a look on the texture to see how it’s exactly on the chruch and I will let you know…

But why the UV map was wrong from the beggining? why it’s not positioned as it should? and if I try to load a heavier model of the chruch (80mb) collada crashes and I get the NIL value.

Oh, you should keep this in mind: if you want to use another model, you should tell me “right now”, because a remap of UV will be necessary, or my actual “efforts” will be useless. Chances are that the model could be reduced in size without losing any sensible detail.

I don’t know what went wrong. Texture is fine, though I found a piece that’s mirrored. So, while this makes me think that there were many different issues, it’s just that the projection of the texture on the mesh is something similar to what readme posted resulting in an UV map that’s incomprehensible (at least to me: I’ve just seen that it won’t work correctly and didn’t spend any time trying to understand how it’s actually working).

hey vasilis,
if you post the origninal high rest mesh with working UV / or pointcloud if its a scan, i can try to reproject it on the reduced version, or create another reduced version.

I have tortured myself with these things in the past

Hey Bryan!! thanks for the offer… h99 is on it now!!