Collada skeleton animation blending

Hi there! I got a question! I have collada 3d character with several cyclic animations in vvvv (0-100 frames - first one, 100-200 second one e.t.c)

This character interact with human by kinect and provides different character animations depending on humans movements.

But there is a liitle problem. When characters animation for example is at 50s frame and than it jumps to another cycle animation (for example on 200s frame) there is problem with flickering.

Is there any way to blend/morph animation in this case?

Here is patch fragment. Thx!

without knowing more about the model/animation structure it’s hard to say, but maybe using inputmorph instead of switch can help you.

have a look at the skeleton nodes.

I had pretty much a similar idea (interaction between human and cg via procedural animation)
I left it behind because I came across with the same problem, I couldnt find either a way to combine different DAE files with same skeleton and number of joints (their contnent was just different animations based on the same timeline) in order to share the same data.
I would like also to ask Elias if he could, to be more specific. Which skeleton nodes would be useful?
everything I looked up until now (mix pose, input morph) in this category couldnt give me the needed skinning transformations… :/