Collada problems with beta24.1

hello fellow patchers

we are at an advanced workshop right now. some of the people that previously used beta23 are having issues with the collada plugin. all other plugins are running well, .net 3.5.1 is installed, as is the june directx. everything is good, but the collada file loader and collada mesh, which stay red and do not appear in the node list.

does anyone know a cure for that? its really frustrating, having half the people not being able to use our basic framework.


hey velcrome,

from what i know some beta23 nodes are linked against feb 2010 slimdx. if you also can’t see text(ex9) output, i’d suggest installing that. for later versions the dependency on an installed slimdx was removed. just a guess…

edit: whoops, my reply was a bit hasty. i had similar problems as karistouf in 24.1 which all disappeared after installing slimdx june 2010 release. it seems like it was not about missing files, but more like applying some settings to the windows install since i could deinstall it afterwards without the problems reappearing. ymmv… ;)


nope, doesn’t do the trick for me :(


this is with slimdx june version. same with june version deinstalled.

sorry, was sort of a guess anyway…

hey velcrome, since the naming of plugins changed if you open an 23 patch in 24 costum plugs will be red… Sounds also like you acidentally owrited a plugins folder…

thanks for your kind responses.

unfortunately, that is not it either, even a fresh and clean install of vvvv with addonpacks and everything gives trouble with the plugin on some xp and even win7 systems that had previously beta23 installed.

the workaround i found was replacing the ColladaLoader.dll in the 24.1 plugin folder with the one from beta23. and no, i will not flag this as a solution :)