Collada mesh -PLA animation?

Hi guys,
Hi Elias,
i can not find ultimate answer via google.

  1. can someone confirm me that Collada specs do not support PLA animation?
  2. is there a way to bring in v4 complex deforming data? without skin and joins?
    thx in adv, dimi

think collada is quite complex format, so it probably even stores your data somewhere inside, but to get more sophisticated data out of it you need more sophisticated loader…

skining is quite simple way to get deform data, but i wonder how you gonna aplly that to PLA

all you can do is publish your source animation and see if anyone have an idea…

hi dimix,
didn’t find anything about it in the collada specs either, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. i must admit i’m not very familiar with point level animation either, so i’d suggest you ask that question at the collada mailing list? they can probably tell you more. if you get a positive answer there come back here and we’ll see what’s missing in our loader to support it.

export from c4d. 3sec animation c4d.JPG
even I import back .dae in c4d, there is no animation keys.

PLA (18.7 kB)

Might it’s c4d’s exporter problem…
I have some troubles in max when i try to export polys, they just don’t work, but if i convert them to mesh they are ok!

your 92kb .DAE don’t have any animation inside.
try to convert boxes movement to keyframes or something… that might be the answer.

did you find anything new???

actually not much…
here are some related infos:

well for max is bunch if scripts to bake generative animation, try check something for c4d…
you can try upload me 3ds, if it will “eat” animation, can convert it easily

@antokhio: can not get proper animated fbx from c4d…
maybe later (busy with another stuff)… anyway tnx

did anyone find a method to get a keyframe animation exported from cinema to vvvv? i tried several exports direct to vvvv and also with importing cinema-exports in blender/3dMax and exporting again, but no animation with the mesh in vvvv.

I’m using colladamax to export my animations from 3ds max to vvvv
you need to install it in order to export from 3ds max to v4
you will find all the info here:

@urbandrone: can you export PLA animation with collada file? or just regular bones-joints based animation?


I bet you’re using Mograph. You need to bake your animation to make the keyframes available to Collada. The rest is as you were. Enjoy and good luck let us know if it worked :-)

Here’s a quick demo (falling blocks). Should also work with fractured blocks and all the rest of it. The .DAE files get pretty big pretty quickly, with key frame for each object (500 or so here) but they’ll run fine.

Let us know if you need a hand on the keyframe bit.


Demo of Keyframed Dynamics in vvvv (1.4 MB)

hi H,
thanx for demo.looks good!you C4D_R13?
i guess i was using mograph and backed it somehow as well.
but dont remember how. sorry it’s year ago.
good to know your link- i will try by the chance (and need)(and time)

hui nice.

i didn’t have a look into your package yet. but i could imagine, that it might be a nice contribution.

Interesting topic