Collada import

hi guys,
exporting collada from C4D R12, i get a correct mesh (at least checking it in MeshLab) BUT object import in 4v get mirrored. all changing of config pins: coordinate system and source and target axis do not help.
any help would appreciated

hmm, but sounds like the coordinate system is interepreted in the wrong way. if you open up the help patch of mesh (collada) and change the target coordinate system from left to right handed, do you see the boy from its back then? just to make sure everything works like it should…

Hi Elias,
astroBoy walking face to me. But it’s symmetrical object, so I can not say if it have there the same problem (left to right). Also the switching Lefthanded-Righthanded works with astroBoy(he turns back to me), but not with my C4D Collada files. Also as ex. COLLADA_trianqulate.dae from looks mirrored left to right and switching left-righthanded does not change anything.

can you post the collada file here please so i can try for myself?

how it looks in your renderport? (141.1 kB)

hi dimix,
sorry for the late reply. looks good here. see screenshot.

did you use the the help patch to test? note that it sets the intial camera position behind the scene.

anyway, found one smaller issue, that changing source unit size changed target unit size. fixed for future releases.

hmm had thouse strange flipping coupple of times also, founded out that if you use poly in max you have to convert it to the mesh before export, after that fine…

hi Elias,
would you mind to try with my unsymmetrical model?
sorry a bit heavy… (2.9 MB)

does the camera look in the same direction?

well looks good here too :)

i’ll also attach the patch to this post.

collada_test.v4p (4.2 kB)

Thanks Elias, I got it: transforms pin (Mesh) wasn’t connected to the effect node