Collada files from google warehouse

Does anyone have much experience using collada files in vvvv, particularly models from Google Warehouse?

I consistently have issues with these and probably have no luck getting the majority of them working. Is this common?

One issue I have is individual parts of more complex models often have different origins/axis so transforming the model in any way results in chaos with parts moving in different directions. How can I fix this?

It’s a real shame as there are some great models on there.

hi mrboni,

the best way to fix this unwanted behaviour is probably to import the models into a 3d app and align all local coordinate systems of the meshes to world.

also had problems with Collada files from google warehouse.

so i usually download the sketchup files and use the x-export plugin for sketchup to export as xfile.

see howto-prepare-x-files for the plugin.

Wow, hadn’t seen that!

What’s your success rate with those exports Kalle?

100%… no text …

I like those numbers

Do you also have success with textured models?

pls post an example and i give it a try.

hi mrboni,
could you provide some links to models which don’t work, so i can try to fix the collada stuff when i have some free time? thx

Hey mesh0rs,
Can someone get the attached meshes to work? They are from the google warehouse and among a lot of meshes that doest work for me. All .dae work in blender. Expoting the Sketchup files to collada makes most of them work in blender, but some not and I couldn’t load a single one in vvvv so far.

I tried this stuff already.
howto prepare x files

Its a Cockpit and a Spaceship for a first rendering scene i would like to try.


well there is deff few errors, Leviathan is 900+ subset, dunno witch one you had, i took some skp from warehouse, but you need to tweak them up… levi not centered, cocpit too
useful links

meshes.rar (1.3 MB)

few more, thouse are centred

hwing_gilgamesh.rar (1.8 MB)

hey thank you antokhio :D

Assimp seems to fix things up automatically. perfect!
maybe we should put it in the wiki somwhere…