Collada cube missing faces

Hi everybody,

how it happens that this evil cube got 4 faces instead of 6? It seems that are missing always the same 2. With or without texture makes no difference.

The patch has been rebuilt (copied, ok) from the ColladaFile help.

Thank you.

collada_test.rar[.v4p+.dae] (2.9 kB)

do you have the depthbuffer on your renderer enabled?

I could not swear on that.
By the way, exactly, to which kind of depth it refers to? Not z-depth, ain’t it?

EDIT: Yeah, was the depthbuffer.
Many many stuff to manage in vvvv.
Thank you!

look at your renderer node in the inspector. it has 2 attributes called depthbuffer. (windowed and fullscreen) activate the depthbuffer by setting these attributes to something else than none…

also plz read/watch tutorials and documentation… ;)

Oh man, you’re perfectly right.

I really spend much more time here on forum/documentation (and I’ll find what is this evvvvil depthbuffer!!!) that on vvvv, and when possible I use the shout.

But this really beat me up, I wasn’t able to find anything.

I’m guilty, but my heart is shining bright :)

Stop with spam.

TY again.

P.s. And please read my edit above.

don’t worry. all is fine ;)

dear h99,

don’t worry, this is a wellknown trap.
i do not know a single vvvvuser who didn’t stumble upon that.

Whoa, yep!

Most difficult thing at beginning was keeping in mind to start Inspektor; next difficult thing being able to understand all its gifts.

Anyway, maybe you already noticed it, I’m trying to translate wiki, to unleash vvvv knowledge in my head!

Though it seems I like doing mistakes more than anything else, in life…

I appreciate very much you cared celebrating first month of my doubt on depthbuffer!

Saluti ;)