Collada camera imported, freaks out at specific look angle

i am having a little trouble with a collada camera animation imported to v4.
The camera is just orbiting an object. The trouble rises when the
camera angle changes from 269,999…° to -89,999…°.
I am exporting from cinema 4D, these numbers are taken from there.
It is simply happening when crossing the X-Axis in the negative part while looking at XYZ 0,0,0 for example.
At this point the camera makes a turn around its own axis and comes back to look at the object again.
My workaround is avoiding 270° to -90° in the animation by placing the start and end just slightly below
and above these angles but i wonder what i am missing here to make it work without that fiddling.
What ist that all about?
Please see attached patch and collada file.

camera (9.7 kB)

did not look at the patch, but it surely sounds like gimbal lock to me which could be overcome by the use of quaternion rotations.