Collada bones missing

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to animate an octopus made with maya and exported with blender.
My problem so far is that using SelectJoint node I can only see one tentacle.

Any suggestion?

My patch is attached

vin (146.9 kB)

mmm it’s really peaky to ik solvers and stuff like that if you can use maya use 2008 maya and standard rig without any scripts or ik solvers just bones and skin and old collada plug for 2008

Thanks for your reply!
Unfortunately I didn’t do the mesh and my friend (who made it) doesn’t want to use maya 2008.

Consider that the collada importer in vvvv supports max 60 bones. I’ve been in trouble time ago with a quite complex human body model, with more than 60bones and i had problems. so, elias (the creator of collada importer for vvvv) told me that this is a limit related to the way the system works (something related to graphic card i think). So if your model has more than 60bones, the only way to have it working is to simplify things. That time i went to unity, and i’ve controlled it with vvvv via osc

Thanks for the unity suggestion, i’ll think about it.
My model has 56 bones and it’s attached in the first post if somebody want to see it.

i’ve seens the patch, but throws me some errors. anyway i’ve seen the model in 3ds max, and seems ok to me.

Thanks again screamer.
I made a screenshot of the error. When I use the SelectJoint node, it shows me just one tentacle.

i had a look into this and it turned out that our collada loader couldn’t handle the skeleton of your dae file properly. should be fixed in next release. meanwhile you can download the latest alpha build which contains this fix.

i think you need a root joint. that is one that is parent to your whole skeleton. thats the way game engines work i guess.

i had that error and well… adding a root to the rig in max fixed it :)

Thank you Elias! Now I can see all the bones! thank you again!