Collada bone rotation positon

consider this,
I am trying to create an animation inside of 3dsmax which latter I want to import to vvvv(for reference think of a robotic arm). after import via collada I would like to be able to read out the bone joint rotations and then send this to a servo controller.

Is there a way to read out and display the joint positions and rotations of a collada animation/mesh inside of vvvv and if so does anyone have an example to show with the example Astro boy help file?

kind regards.

did you have a look at skeleton-animation-nodes-tutorial?

Hi Elias,
firstly thanks for the reply
I had read quickly through the the skeleton/animation nodes tutorial but im not sure how this relates to an imported mesh?
I can see a setjoint but what would I use to show the rotation? setjoint?
The nodes that I would have thuoght have the transform information seem to only have an id output.
Sorry if im missing somthing obvious here its been quite a while since I used vvvv.


the Collada loader node should give you a spread of transforms, which you can * (3D Vector), to calculate the absolute positions of all joints. GetSlice’ing the one you need would be the most simple solution i guess.

hi sagishi the inverse bindpose it’s straight for that
hi nava try first select joint node

shows quads on your joints (3.1 kB)

Thanks heaps:)