Collada animations

Hi Guys,

I have some pre-baked animations made in Maya and exported in Colllada format using OpenCollada.

When I load them up in vvvv (using the mesh-astroboy example), in the top render window (just the mesh) my mesh appears in the t-pose instead of the starting cycle pose, and in the bottom render window my model appears deformed and no animations are playing.

Can anyone tell me what collada export options should I use or offer any help?

I can provide the dae file/maya file if it will be any help.



The data is baked cause its taken from mo-cap.

Here are the deformations and the maya export options (I tried a number of combinations of course)


Any help appreciated.

can you drop dae?
have some more less ok results
but was heavily hard to make it work
try to open your collada back in maya to check if it works

Hi antokhio, thanks for ur reply.

hmm… thats weird.
Yeah importing back to maya does not work.

By dropping the dae u mean uploading it right?

Here it is. And the maya file as well.
Please note that the head has a lot of joints, probably taking the total more than 60. Feel free to delete all the joints from the neck upwards.

Any help greatly appreciated. No luck in getting this to work. (4.3 MB)

Ok, I just realised my model had 130 joints. After removing the facial and fingers, I manage to get it below 60 and into vvvv without deforming.

It is still not playing the animations though. (tried all combinations in the exporter, bake animations, non-bake etc)

Any idea why? .dae attached and new maya file attached. (2.9 MB)

well had it worked on export from max… as i remeber problem was that it did’t worked with bones actually, if you try open astroboy example in maya, it will show you not bones, but some helper objects connected with each other…
I’ still did’t solve this stuff with bones, at list when i export it from max normally have all the animations…

Ok, it seems opencollada for Maya does not work.
I transferred everything to Max (as an FBX) and converted to collada using OpenCollada for Max. Works perfectly.

Thanks for the advice antokhio.

i would try to use Blender in your workflow, i also usually work in maya but had no luck with the Opencollada side of it, Astroboy does have bones, you can see them in Blender so there is definitely a problem with the Opencollada plugin i guess.

Since i’m using Blender for this vvvv stuff i’m finally getting somewhere …

wow, i’d really wish collada wouldn’t be such a mess. just read some comments by matt swoboda (who is in charge of the collada pipeline in the official sony ps3 devkit) about it and it seems that every software vendor has its own implementation without proper respect for the original spec.