Collada and full screen


i am this problem, i have created a patch with collada file, but when i put the render in full screnn the file disapper…


i have uplade the patch with file dae…


Nuova cartella.rar (16.3 kB)

I think that I fixed it, but for a better understanding on COLLADA and vvvv check mesh-(ex9.geometry-collada)
-(pressing F1 for help in your patch after selecting the node).

it seems that you always need a camera (softimage) and also take care when you export the DAE (I prefer) to change from Z to Y axis Up.

Nuova cartella_fixed.rar (18.3 kB)

Hmm, I’ve run into this issue as well. I tried adding the extra “support” nodes but I still can’t manage to make my patch or renderer go full screen while I have the mesh-(ex9.geometry-collada) in my patch. What exactly is the issue here with fullscreen? Was planning on using my daes for projection mapping :(

example patch?

Here is the example.

This represents the patch as it should be with the collada meshes deformed for eventual projection mapping. Node that the patch itself won’t go fullscreen either.

This shows that when I remove the mesh-(ex9.geometry-collada)node fullscreen seems to work again.

Maybe I could just use a different meshloader, but collada seemed so easy :)

example (2.2 MB)

It might be something with the fullscreen toggle box? I just hit alt1 to window the renderer, dragged it to the other monitor and hit alt enter and the fullscreen worked fine- should be ok then on the same monitor as well then I think.

Interesting, your post made me look at it again- and this time I was able to get it working by simply deleting the mesh nodes and re-adding them. Maybe it was just a fluke? Either way, I’m glad my proof of concept is done and now I can get working on the projection mapping! Thanks!

Well, I spoke too soon maybe- it seems that at some point fullscreening things stopped working again. I deleted the mesh nodes and re-created them, and it seemed to work after that. This definitely worries me :/

me too :)

i can’t tell you yet what it is. will need more time to debug this. in the mean time you could try the assimp nodes from the addon pack, they can load a collada file too (besides thousands of other 3d formats).

Excellent- I guess I didn’t look at the newer addon packs close enough, assimp seems pretty great! It looks like it will work just fine for my uses, thanks!

It also has the added benefit of directly importing .blend files :)