Coding question async

I’ve got a question to the more experienced C#'lers.
I’m trying to implement a twitter client using tweetsharp api.

So far most stuff seem to work, however i have difficulties trying to get it all working on different threads / async. Dont have much experience with threading so i followed this page from msdn

Here is how i did it so far:

This is probably not the best way (certainly not the most elegant) of wrapping synchronous methods asynchronously? Also i don’t know if it is thread save. So i am looking for some example code or suggestions on how to do this better. It needs to be async as else it would block vvvv when e.g. uploading pictures to twitter and or waiting for web responses.

what does not work in the code? i think the async callback methods are fine, they should come back to the thread which started the async call. but its better to google that…

yea code works actually, but i was wondering if this is the “right” way to code it async. I guess with .NET 4.5 this would be a lot less code :)

Here are some Binaries in case someone wants to give it a try / Send Tweets or Image Tweets. Will add some more functionality after i finish my current project.

code updated as well: (353.0 kB)