Code Editor - lack of namespaces

Days ago i tried to code my own XML-Parser. Hmpff. No System.XML there, ok… Did it with the built nodes… Today i need the Linq-Functionality, but no usings System.Linq; available. What did I wrong? .net3.5SP1 is installed, but possible, the codeeditor only uses the namespace of net2.0 (i installed for RemoterSA)?

Thanks in advance. regards chmee

you’re probably missing the relevant references. to add references, open project explorer (ctrl+j), open up your plugin, right click references and add system.xml for example (by double clicking on it). linq stuff is in system.core i think. after that don’t forget to add the using statements, like using System.Linq for example.

Thanks - every day i’m learning something new. I had to add System.Core to be able to use System.Linq…

regards chmee