Code editor how to?

hi. i m just asking myelf about code editor : does vvvv embeds a compiler ?
or do i need to use an external link ?

where can i find a complete tutorial about things shown in vvvvleaks ? ( clone, code editor etc)


damned gregsn , THAT will change completely my life !!!


surely uncle Kalle would say its time to make a change of year :-°

ctrl+d duplicates a node. a node is either a patch, an effect, a plugin or in your case a dynamic plugin. the code base of this duplicated node is still the same.
what you want to do is to duplicate (or clone) the code base.
you do this by typing the name of the node you want to clone in the nodebrowser and then press ctrl and left click or ctrl + enter.

for example:

  • double click to open up nodebrowser
  • type “template”
  • hold down CTRL
  • click on Template (Value)
  • give a new name in clone dialog

hä? please tell me karistouf you just asked a question about ctrl+d and template (value) was still read-only. where did your post go? did you just delete it?

yes ellias, because i have founded it ! ;-) it was no so evident to Ctrl click in the menu of Template function ;-)
thanks to have taken the time of this explanation

i m very happy about code editor. it will open a lot of thing more easier for old school boy that i am.
happy new year ellias