Code editor debugger bug and stuff

some bugs I discovered a few weeks ago in beta26. the debugger in the code editor sometimes misses errors but (clearly) cannot compile. if i load a shader with a syntax error (which is not as trivial as a missing ; ) the node doesn’t become red and it has an empty spread of techniques (nil) and the debugger displays no errors or warnings in the editor (it doesn’t display errors of included files as well, neither in the tty logger) beta25.1 does all of those stuffs what beta 26 doesn’t (except the logger). it behaves similar with c# as well.
with shaders in beta26 if a technique has the same name as a function the shader won’t compile saying redefinition (the debugger “works” in this case). in beta25.1 the same shader with the same names compiles and works without a problem.
same problems are present in alpha26.1 too.
i don’t know if it’s just me but for some reason if i take the only ex9 renderer to the second screen in beta26 it turns black and the technique pin of the shader becomes (nil) or buggy. the same situation is present on 2 different machines one with an ati hd 4850 and the other with an ati hd 5470 (that’s in a laptop). in beta25.1 i’ve never experienced something like this. i haven’t tested it in alpha26.1 though.

thanks for the report.

this is not a bug. the fx compiler was updated in beta26, see release log.

could you give us examples for the issues you describe in your first paragraph?

for example loading an unmodified .fx file with dx10 techniques obviously lights up the beta25.1’s debugger as a christmas tree. however in beta26 the debugger says nothing just the shader node stays in its most simple mode with a nil in the techniques pin. i used the shaders of this ray-marcher app to test this. as soon as i remove a “;” it’ll display only the missing “;” but it doesn’t mention the unrecognized dx10 syntax (for example “technique10 Standard”).
in the c# editor the debugger generally doesn’t display misspelled classes however it is displayed in the logger why the dynamic plugin cannot compile. (86.8 kB)

ok, i fixed the issue of errors not showing up in fx files using dx10 syntax.

i still can’t reproduce the c# case though. any examples for this?

so does it work with technique11 instead? love you devvvvs :)

haha, sure, code editor was the reason why vvvv didn’t support dx11 ;)