Cloning Entity (from Spectral Group) resets transforms


I’ve recently gotten started with VVVV, in particular using Stride. I’m making a visualiser, and would like to duplicate (mirror) a group of entities. I’m instancing a bunch of RoundRectangles in a ForEach, then combine them using a Group (Spectral). I’d like to duplicate this group to rotate and mirror it.

As entities can’t be connected to multiple groups/sinks, I found the Clone [Entity] node. It works mostly, except that all transforms appear to be reset.

Is this working as intended? It says it performs a “Deep clone of this entity” - but it seems the child transforms are lost. To clarify: all the lines are stacked on top of each other at the default transform.

I can’t upload the patch here yet as I’m a new user, but this should work: Anonym File - lines.vl

Mimimal patch to recreate:

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