Clear renderer fullscreen

this topic has been discussed before, but i still couldnt fix my problem …

when i go fullscreen the clearing of the dx renderer cannot be turned off - as long as anti aliasing is active. only with antialiasing set to none the renderer stays “dirty”.

in window mode anti aliasing and clearing off works simultaneously.

any hints on this? i remember that i successfully did this with a previous version … i’ll check that.

i downloaded the newest driver already …


previous versions show the same behavior.

but i am observing a very strange effect. the not-clearing works in the lower third of the screen, in the upper part it doesnt. and - it does this only at a high resolution (1680 x 1050). when I go fullscreen at 1024x768, the whole screen is cleared.

sounds like a bug to me …

elo eno.

i am afraid i think we don’t have any influence on this. if you uncheck “clear”, vvvv will not clear the backbuffer but still directx may chose to do so. this has to do with the swapmodes.

swapmode specifies how front and backbuffer are being swapped.
only in mode “copy” turning off “clear” should really work as expected. understand?

when it works in “discard” mode (while the renderer is windowed) this is only by chance because for some reason directx may chose not to discard the backbuffer, even though it could.

now when we want antialiasing, directx only allows us to use swap mode “discard” for some reason (i don’t know).

voila. this way we’ll not get antialiasing and non-clearing in fullscreen.

ok. thanks. i understand.
strange still that it does the desired effect in the lower part of the screen …
i remember there was a way to get rid of the border of the renderer and have it in window mode but cover the whole screen …?

if directx does the desired effect in the lower part of the window it probably decided that it doesn’t need to discard those regions of memory, but still needs to discard the others. random.

you can Ctrl+8 a window to hide its border.

but wouldnt it be possible to create a feedback loop which emulates the non-clearing?

but there was an issue with antialiasing and DX9Texture, right?

right. this is another directx-issue. antialiasing does not work with rendertarget textures (which the DX9Texture is).

i did try this feedback strategy already. it looks cool - but different. its not as precise. since the texture is being interpolated, the trails get blurry.