Clean special symbols


Hi! If there is a gentle way to find and clean unexpected special symbols inside an input string?

Here is a very basic example of a special symbol, but to find it cost me extra time:
specialsymbol.v4p (12.7 KB)

Clean (String Adnavced) do the job at start/end of a string, but not in the middle.
Substitute (String) / - (String) / Separate (String) do the job when you know what to looking for.

I wonder how many symbols like that we can meet and if there is an advanced cleaner for them?


You have to go vl, or c# with that… Any patching solution will be inefficient, also I think that is possible with regex but I have no clue how it works…


regex indeed. should be something like this:
remove-nonprintablechars.v4p (7.0 KB)

regex from here:


@joreg. thank you sir! works as a charm