Clean installation red nodes issue with addons pack

clean instalation, new pc, windows seven 64 eng
all windows updates, all requirements on crack.exe all boxes green
using 7zip

if i unzip all, vvvv works fine, all nodes works fine, no issues at all.

the problem its when i install the add on pack… when i unzip and i copy all the files, should i overwrite the existin files ?

if i do it, for example, “levels” node works , but “camera transform softimage” disapears from the list, if i dont overwrite the same files, but i copy the new ones, camera works, and levels its not listed, i can open it by myself and it works, but i loose the conections of the old patches, so something its wrong… any idea ?

are you sure you following this instruction from website correctly? ^quote:username:
extract the .zip over your vvvv directory so that the \addonpack directory is placed just next to the \girlpower directory

ohhh i feel so stupid!, tnks for the nice reply!