CircularSpread: relation between factor and phase

Ahoj guys! this is really simple. How can I create a circular spread that starts where a given one finish?

My first thought was to use Factor from first spread as Phase for the second, but it doesn’t works

or, it works when SpreadCount is really big (“tends to infinity”? :D )
now, how can I calculate the new Phase?

forum.v4p (8.2 kB)

thing is, factor 1 distributes the points evenly on a circle. if you look put helper at your output points you’ll see. so if you connect them all with a line you don’t get a closed circle, because the last position != first position.

to get your desired behaviour you have to calculate a phase bigger than 1 to get the continuity. the multiplier is 1+1/(SpreadCount-1).
see patch

factorphase.v4p (9.0 kB)

cool thanks!