Circle with texture and reference mark


I am trying to visualise a set of revolving platforms. This consists of:-

A Fixed stage area 9528.5mm deep by 9760mm wide

A large revolve with a radius of 4335mm. The centre of this revolve is 116mm below the centrepoint of the stage.

On this revolve is a medium size revolve with a radius of 2415mm. The centrepoint of this revolve is 1465mm below the centrepoint of the stage and essentially sits on the larger revolve.

there are then 3 smaller revolves on top of this medium revolve.

2 with a radius of 1030mm and one with a radius of 750mm

So to the point of my problem…sorry!

I need to display these revolves with different fills (like a wireframe crosshatch or something) so that they can be seen easily and a mark to act as a reference point on each revolve. The rotational position of each revolve will be determined through a UDP stream and GetSlice.

I looked at a Sphere but that seemed to go wrong when I put a texture on I wind up with a kaleidoscope effect when I flatten the sphere into something more 2d.

I thought I could use circle box2d but i cant find that even with the addon pack installed.

Any suggestions would be greatly received.

Have a look at GridSegmentDx9?

Perfect. Thanks very much