Cinema4d bug

is this (nil) bug mentioned here still actual? does direct x file export from cinema work now?

would be nice to know because i have to do a 3d project with cinema very soon.

greetings andreas

Works for me…reading subsets as well!

ok, nice to hear. have some problems with the scaling factor of export material. the imported model seems a lot to large, what scaling factor do you use ?

much thanks andreas

I think I’ve been using 0.001, but there maybe another 0 in there!

Yep same problem!
When using the scale tool u’ll see little boxes on each axes…that’s the vvvv default size for use with camera (transform softimage)…in this case 0.1 or 0.2 cant remember…so i guess Catweasel is right concerning the exact scaling factor without camera connected on the renderer…


or export large, see kalle.Modules.EX9.Geometry and try Autosize (EX9.Geometry Mesh).v4p.

but you won’t have subsets anymore…

Theres a scale built into the xfile exporter, just set it in the preferences

much thanks for all the nice tips. especially kalles autosize module is very very nice :)

and its helppatch allows easy saving of the resized and -centered xfile easily next to the original…