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The file named *.tfx, rather then *.fx. Why?
Файл *.tfx, а не *.fx. Почему?

If change the extension, then program don’t care its does not see. Why?
Если изменить расширение, то программа всё равно его не видит. Почему?

Chromakey DX11.v4p (18.6 KB)

Patch is made on sample. Does not work. That not so? Beside someone works?
Патч сделан по образцу. Не работает. Что не так? У кого-то работает?

are you on DX11 or DX9 now? your patch only uses DX9 nodes but says DX11 in the headline :)

these are 2 different rendering pipelines and this has an effect on how the .fx/.tfx file are treated…

you can try with Keying (DX11.TextureFX)Chromakey DX11 for guest.v4p (26.0 KB)

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Chromakey DX11 for guest


way for DX9?

tested on 50beta35.8 x64

Keying DX9.v4p (23.8 KB)

in case you want to use DX11 pipeline you need to install DX11 pack

Chromakey DX9.v4p (19.2 KB)

Some recommendations for VideoTexture? Any ideas? (531.5 KB)

skeleton-chroma-key.v4p (27.7 KB)

decision for VideoTexture
skeleton-chroma-key.v4p (35.3 KB) (490.7 KB)

A8R8G8B8 > Format
ChangeFormat (EX9.Texture)
< Force to add an alpha channel.
skeleton-chroma-key.v4p (54.0 KB)

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curtain-chromakey.v4p (51.9 KB) (86.3 KB)

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