Chromakey DX11

Keying effect in DX11 is not as versatile as Chromakey in DX9, as you can t set a defined colour to key with. Any DX11 effect I am missing here?

Both shaders are different. Here is a quick port of ChromaKey in DX11 (860 Bytes)

thank you! could you please port the distortFX to dx11 as well? i constantly fail. big ups!

distortFX is called Displace in the DX11 tfx library.

Hi is there any fx I need to apply before the texture? This does not seem to work just like the dx9 version.

io, you mean distortfx? it works for me in dx9. Displace tfx (dx11) seems to differ from the dx9 version.

No, Chromakey on DX11 does not work here, I tried in 2 different machines.

hey, just checked that tfx and all seems fine, suspect u might don’t have a blending enabled somewhere or order incorrect

@io try this