Chroma Kay 2

regarding a new graphicscard…i use a ati x800 which works very well, stable drivers etc. / in comparison you could get a nvidia 6800…which has shader 3.0 already if i’m not wrong

I’m looking at ATI All-In-Wonder 2006 Version. Anybody see anything wrong with that?

Thanks Cat-

I put it in the same folder as the others and it appears to be missing a node (Red clip, Green level, and Blue clip aren’t attached to anything, nor is transform and nothing feeds into the second blend connection).
Am I missing a .fx file?

Im away today, I’ll look tomorrow,
me and my untidy littertray!


I bought the Ati all-in-Wonder and now the shader is working using chromakey9.2. A couple questions though…

I see there is a Hue, Range and Brightness changeable value. How does each of these effect the screen? Is Range like threshold?

As i remember Hue picks the colour, range expands the colours to include more hues and the brightness makes only the colours chosen that are brighter than brightness key. So brightness is more like threshold and range is like feather, I think!


i have test and it is ok.
but my cpu is at 95% (Atlhon 1800+ GF FX5500)
is it normal ?

edit: i have test with GF 7800 and it is perfect (cpu at 5%)