Christie control over LAN

Hey vvvvolks,

Please help!
I need to control two Christie Roadie HD+35K from vvvv. I thought would be using serial, which I’m fine with, but just got onsite and found out need to use Ethernet.

Trying to get in touch with Christie, can’t seem to find any data sheets online for how the network control is supposed to work.


I would suspect it supports PJ-Link: pjlink if not, then I have on other occasions mimicked browser clicks via the web interface on the projector

Thanks guys, I’ll have a look at those when I’m back onsite in a couple of hours. Kalle also pointed out that they can use artnet which seems very promising. All I actually need to do is power on/off and shutter on/off, but has to be automated.

I had to peak and it does indeed have artnet: page 112 or 3-46

artnet did the trick, they are shuttering away happily now :)