Check if spread contains spread

hi all,

I get a spread with random user IDs. Basically I want to check if there is a new user ID and then add it to my queue of old user ids. Could sb enlighten me where my error is?

Thank you very much.

VVVV.Value.getid.vl (23.7 KB)

Is this what you mean?

Only problem here is what happens to the order of IDs, but see if it works for you. When you were using keep you were basically clearing the the Sequence before they were added to the queue. Hashset takes the unique values of the sequence and keeps them

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the main misconception here seems to be that this is not one Queue, but one per slice of the input spread. so you would output only the spread of the last slice.

an easy solution for your patch is this:

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Thanks for pointing out the obvious, @tonfilm. Too much classic vvvv here atm.
Sexy solution @Hadasi !

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